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12. Livin next door to Allan

This week we are joined in my lounge room by the very bearded and engaging Allan. This relaxed fit episode is a hilarious insight into the mind of our guest and I am scared to go back there. Lots of laughs were had and Allan will be back for more shenanigans in the future. Join us for a lot of sex talk and some of the strangest stories shared so far, oh and we nerd out about half way through, you can jump straight to 49.25 if you're easily grossed out. As always thanks for listening, we love you and cya next Tuesday, hopefully :P

11. Ella Ella, not from Benalla

This weeks incredible guest is the daughter of the amazing Ashe from episode two, and it goes to all kinds of crazy town. I won't spoil the goodness, Ella was an excellent guest and we loved talking to her, so please join us in hearing from the youth of our generation, and how we destroyed their future, not really but kind of.

10. The Magnificent MJ

Laura and Mike are joined by our amazing friend MJ in this weeks serious discussion. It starts off messy like every other show until we end up discussing how MJs life fell apart when police arrived at her door one day. *** TRIGGER WARNING *** Discussion of sexual exposure to minors

9. Let's Have A Kiki

This week we double the craziness by talking to Laura's younger sister Kate. In this relaxed fit episode the sisters take the podcast to a whole new energy level and share some of the more crazy stories that burst out their brains

New Podcast Goodness

Laura and Mike just could not get things done this week so instead please enjoy a preview episode of my new podcast, The Village Nerd. Laura gives us the low down on DS9 and her favourite character SiskNO, while Mike goes back to where it all started oh so long ago. Each week I sit down with the nerdiest nerds to discover what drives their passions, how has it impacted their world and all the joy that nerdiness brings into our lives. It launches in two weeks, find the show on all the normal places and as always, find me and my stuff at PodFederation on all the shit. Hail Picard

8. Spaghett Stories Volume One

Laura and Mike sit back, relax and tell each other some crazy facts and share insane stories that don't belong anywhere near civilised people.

7. Our Tall Friend

Laura and Mike are back into it talking all things messy. Our guest this week shares his life long experiences with epilepsy and also some of more messed up things that have happened in his life.

6. Callum the Wise

With study break approaching, Laura and Mike talk to a remarkable young man about his journey through university and where it has brought him in life. This episode was a lot of fun and Callum has a unique perspective on how we evaluate our own successes and failures by the passage of time. We recorded in a proper sound booth like the professionals we are and hope you enjoy our little chat.

5. Brigit's guys name is Guy

In a more relaxed episode, Laura and Mike talk to the lovely Brigit and Guy, a wonderful couple who we will take any opportunity to learn more about. We do bounce around a lot but we eventually dig into their veganism and Brigits run at government power to help our animal cousins.

4. Apathy and Ecstasy with Ashe - Part Two

We are back and continuing our wonderful chat with Ashe. If you missed part 1, please go back and listen otherwise none of this will make sense.

3. Apathy and Ecstasy with Ashe - Part One

In a special two-parter, Laura, Mike and Ashe share crazy childhood stories and how we each dealt with that (drugs, obviously?) and the extra damage that did to our brains. Ashe also talks about bipolar disorder and how it effects her life. We end on a cliffhanger, so make sure to tune in for part two in a couple of days!

2. Getting Real with Rene

Laura and Mike sit down with Rene to talk about the twists and turns of his life so far. He shares stories from his childhood and some hard truths about Indigenous life both past and present.

1. The Amazing Adelaide

Adelaide and Laura share their ADHD stories as Mike tries to keep up with the mania in the room, later, Adelaide tells us a shocking story from her youth.

It's the 5 minute intro episode

Laura and Mike talk about the craziness of life and the amazing adventures it takes us on. We give a quick run down on the format ahead of its release on the 3rd of September. Find us on all the socials at Spaghett Podcast